On November 7, 2018, the management of RusAgroHolding LLC took part in the meeting “Auction tenders. Digital distribution technology of Russian fruit and vegetable products. The practice of selling domestic fruit and vegetable products in retail chains ”, which was held in Moscow in the building of the wholesale-retail food center“ FOOD CITY ”.

The meeting was organized by the Association “Greenhouses of Russia” together with the associations of producers of fruit products and LLC “Food auction AGROSITI” with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

Within the framework of the business program, a demonstration of the auction operation algorithm was conducted, the advantages of the mechanism for the sale of fruit and vegetables and its prospects for further development are indicated.

The Day of workers of agriculture and processing industry in Russia is established by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 679 of May 31, 1999 “On the Day of the Worker of Agriculture and Processing Industry” and is annually celebrated on the second Sunday of October. On this day, not only workers of agriculture and processing industry are congratulated, but also all those who, from dawn to dusk, without days off and holidays, work on the ground, grow bread and vegetables, supply milk, meat and other food products to our tables. This is a holiday of workers of fields and farms, managers and specialists of agricultural enterprises, agricultural scientists, workers of the food and processing industry and the agro-industrial complex. It is no secret that the agro-industrial complex is the most important component of the economy of any country where products are vital for society, and a huge economic potential is concentrated.In Russia, it employs almost 30% of those working in the sphere of material production, employs a fifth of the production assets, and creates about a third of the gross national income. And the development of the agro-industrial complex to a decisive extent determines, among other things, the level of food security of the state and the socio-economic situation in society.

Agriculture is the most important link in the agro-industrial complex and the entire national economy of the country (since it accounts for 75% of the population’s demand for consumer goods), as well as one of the key sectors of the economy. Russia's land (and this is 10% of arable land in the world) is a huge productive force, where crops such as potatoes, sugar beet, grain, flax and sunflower are mainly grown. Meat-wool and meat-and-milk cattle breeding is also developed in Russia.

Today, despite all the difficulties, the state is actively investing in agriculture, measures are being taken to solve existing problems, including at the legislative level, support for agro-industrial production is the most important task of the state’s economic policy, all of which gives rise to a new stage in the development of the entire agro-industrial complex. After all, stabilization and an increase in the production of basic types of food based on the introduction of resource-saving technologies, expanding the range of products and competent state support for this industry are key to the successful development of Russian agriculture.

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On October 10, the Ministry of Industry and Economic Development of the Ryazan Region held a meeting of the working group for evaluating investment projects applying for state support under the Law of the Ryazan Region No. 33-OZ of April 6, 2009 “On State Support of Investment Activities in the Ryazan Region”.

Representatives of financial and credit organizations, regional ministries and departments took part in the work.

During the discussion, it was decided to recognize one of the investment projects with the relevant requirements and conditions for the provision of state support, assign the category of a particularly significant investment project to the project and provide state support in the form of income tax and corporate property tax benefits.
This work is carried out in the framework of the introduction of targeted models to simplify business procedures and increase the investment attractiveness of the Ryazan region.

The meeting approved regional “road maps” for the implementation of updated target models for simplifying business procedures and increasing the investment attractiveness of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The introduction of these target models will create favorable conditions for business development in our region.

The meeting participants got acquainted with the results of the assessment of the effectiveness of tax incentives provided to recipients of state support in 2017, as well as with the results of control measures carried out in accordance with the Procedure for exercising control over the implementation of investment projects that are provided with state support.


It was noted that the activities carried out by the Government of the Ryazan region, give a positive return. From year to year there is a positive trend in tax revenues from the implementation of investment projects. In total for the period from 2009 (the entry into force of the Law of the Ryazan Region “On State Support of Investment Activities in the Ryazan Region”) until 2017, investors paid 2.5 billion rubles to the consolidated budget of the region, the amount of tax benefits provided amounted to 1.5 billion rubles.

Governor of the Ryazan Region Nikolai Lyubimov on the channel "Russia 24" spoke about the changes and priorities for further development. The head of the region called the agro-industrial complex one of the most important sectors of the region, whose share in the regional economy should increase, including by attracting investment. Agreements have been concluded, projects are at the implementation stage in many industries.

Anniversary 20 Russian Agricultural Exhibition "Golden Autumn" will be held on the territory of the Exhibition of Economic Achievements in Moscow from 10 to 13 October. The Ryazan region will be represented by 45 enterprises of the agro-industrial complex.

In the Ryazan region have already collected more than 1 million 600 thousand tons of grain. In the fields of the region, the harvesting of oilseeds and sowing of winter crops for the harvest of 2019 continues!

Innovative agroindustrial exhibition-forum "Field Day of the Ryazan Region - 2018" was held on August 24 at the base of the SEC "Vyshgorodsky" of the Ryazan Region. More than 100 units of agricultural machinery, selection plots of 110 hybrids of maize and sunflower, a rich working and cultural program - all this was appreciated by more than 500 specialists of the agro-industrial sector.

I met with the leadership of the FGBOU VO "Ryazan State Agrotechnical University named after PA Kostychev." During the meeting, the parties agreed on the training of personnel in new areas at a higher educational institution & nbsp; for future production, taking into account its specifics.

Monday, 13 August 2018 17:24

Issues with local authorities discussed

A working meeting was held with the management of the administration of the Pronsky Municipal District of the Ryazan Region. Questions on interaction with local authorities were discussed. Selection of local staff and their training on the basis of OGBPOU Novomichurinsky diversified technical school.

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